Thursday, 16 June 2016

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The Balcony by Maria Bernard
Rock n' Roll Heaven’s Unforgettable Rockstar Romance!

In this tale of loss and redemption, Emma is at her wits end. She has just moved into her first apartment in the Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately, her intimidating neighbors are more than she bargained for. Especially since her balcony, the reason she rents the place, is right next to theirs.

Wallowing in self-pity, soul-destroyed rocker, Wraith, is at the end of his rope. The last thing he needs is a sexy new neighbor, distracting him. But Emma is irresistible. Her presence is undeniable.

When his flirtatious bandmates get out of hand, will Wraith finally step in? Or will he do nothing, much like he’s done with his life these last two years? Will he be the hero Emma needs? Or is there more to this situation than meets the eye?

What readers are saying…
I love the flirting and sexual tension between the characters!
• Wowzer! What an awesome story of loss, pain, and love!
• These characters jump out of the book and grab you from the beginning.
• Once you pick it up, you really can't put it down. I highly recommend this book.
• Phantom, Angel, and Wraith are totally awesome guys. Read this book, it is really a great story.

An excerpt from The Balcony...

“Um, I just wanted to apologize for upsetting you like that. I guess I can be a bit of a cry baby,” she admitted. “I was just so overwhelmed with all that information about fake deaths and ghosts. I guess I kind of lost it.”

“You’re not going to cry now, are you?” he asked cautiously.

“Of course not.”

Phantom, what a strange being he was, she thought, looking him over. She smiled awkwardly, remembering how much he’d frightened her at first. Now, even though he appeared just as freaky as before, with his shadowy gray eyes, so tall and thin, dressed in charcoal jeans and a ratty old t-shirt, he scared her less. 

“Then you won’t mind if I visit?” he asked, stealthily hopping up onto the rail, balancing himself between balconies.

“Phantom, be careful!” she gasped nervously as he teetered on the edge. 

“Just kidding,” he quirked, hopping down in front of her. “But I like it that you care.”

“Of course, I care!” she said, shaking her head at him. “I don’t want you to fall.”

“I won’t fall, Emma,” he said pensively while petting a petal of her daisies. “These are very pretty,” he said, studying the large flowers.

“They’re my favorite. They come in so many colors,” she said as she proceeded to fill the flowers boxes with earth.

“They’ll be my favorite too from now on,” he said, watching her work, her face aglow in the moonlight.

“I’ll put the orange ones on the outside and the yellow ones in between,” she explained, holding out her hand. “Would you pass me that spade, please?”

“This little shovel?” he asked, carefully dropping it in her outstretched hand.

“Thanks, now I’ll just cover them up with some earth.”

Smitten, Phantom watched her every move with great interest. 

“What do you think?” she asked, stepping aside.

“Beautiful… and the flowers aren’t bad either,” he said, gazing into her eyes.

© The Balcony - Maria Bernard

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