Saturday, 2 July 2016

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The Balcony by Maria Bernard
Unforgettable Rockstar Romance!

• In this tale of loss and redemption, Emma is at her wits end. She has just moved into her first apartment in the Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately, her intimidating neighbors are more than she bargained for. Especially since her balcony, the reason she rents the place, is right next to theirs.

Wallowing in self-pity, soul-destroyed rocker, Wraith, is at the end of his rope. The last thing he needs is a sexy new neighbor, distracting him. But Emma is irresistible. Her presence is undeniable.

When his flirtatious bandmates get out of hand, will Wraith finally step in? Or will he do nothing, much like he’s done with his life these last two years? Will he be the hero Emma needs? Or is there more to this situation than meets the eye?

• Excerpt:
“About earlier… I hope we’re okay,” he said concerned, glancing apologetically at her.
“That, I’m not so sure about,” Emma said, pushing her plate away. “Wraith, I’m a little confused about you, I must admit.”
“It’s actually quite simple in the grand scheme of things,” he explained.
“Oh? How so?” she asked, sitting back in her chair.
“Well, I think you’re hot,” he shrugged. “I find you incredibly sexy and sometimes, actually, all the time, I have the hardest time keeping my hands off of you.”
“Oh,” she said, raising her eyebrows, suddenly feeling hot and bothered all over. “Well, I guess I can’t be mad at you for being honest.”
“Emma, would you be mad if I suggest we have sex real soon?” he asked, reaching for her hand.
“What? Sex?” she repeated, just to be clear.
“Yes, and lots of it,” he whispered, his face inches from hers.

© The Balcony - Maria Bernard


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