Sunday, 2 October 2016

Rockstar Romance Blitz!

It’s Rocktoberfest, Baby!

We’re celebrating our 2nd annual Rockstar Romance Blitz!

Check it out! 14 Rock Star Romance Titles.
Each book is just .99 (or FREE) for 3 days only!
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House of Goths • 99cents! • Reg. $3.99 

House of Goths • 99cents! •

New Adult • College • Rock Star Romance
Not Your Average Fraternity House
House of Goths by Maria Bernard

Becky Sparks refuses to spend her college years in a cold, lonely dorm. Bassist Kelley Keele is a gorgeous Goth with a dark past. He resides at what he and his bandmates, Crispin, and Dorian, refer to as the House of Goths. Thrown together by fate, Becky forms an instant bond with Kell. Desperate for a home, she shows up unannounced on his front porch, suitcase in hand. Do they take her in or turn her away?

Caution: Highly Addictive Content

Quotes from Readers 📚
Great book!!!! Absolutely loved it!
This is absolute pure 100% gold. I love this book!
I freakin Love This Book!!!
AWWWWW! Love, love, love!
Oh my, I can't put this story out of hand. I love it!
Is it wrong of me to be crushing on both Crispin and Kell at the same time?
I love this book, a series would be great.
Crispin seems to be my favorite character for some reason.
I love how the Goths interact with Becky-hot and sweet - happy the book is coming out so I can binge read!!!

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